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By the way, the application takes less than a minute, even with a phone. Isn‘t that nice ?


Applicants send us a video link of their performance. Video link must be no more than 2 years old and no more than 15 minutes long. The application is free of charge. The Performance of your choice.


Applicants will receive a decision concerning qualification by email within 24 hours. In case of qualification applicants pay Euro 95 participation fees.


Our Jury will evaluete and grade your performances within 10 days after the application deadline. Each Qualified Applicant will receive their scores, comments and advice via email.

Grand Finale

The Grand Final is open to applicants who have scored more than 90 points based on our jury s evaluation and have therefore won 1st Prize. All 1st prize winners will be invited to the Grand Final in Vienna on 17-23 August 2023.

4 Age Groups:
JUNIOR – born in 2014 and younger
MIDDLE JUNIOR – born in 2010 and younger
JUNIOR ARTIST – born in 2004 and younger
SENIOR ARTIST – born in 1990 and younger

in the following categories
Piano Violin Violoncello Doublebass Guitar Harp Flute Oboe Clarinet Bassoon Saxophone Soprano Mezzo Tenor Baritone Bass Conducting Composition


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All Prizes


1st Prizes

Grand Finalists